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Buddy The Elf’s Central Park Pedicab Tours

Get a chance to double the excitement and the entertainment at the Central Park in New York, accompanied by professional and well trained tour guides by Buddy The Elf Central Park Tours. Each tour guide has a minimum experience of one year in driving and handling the Pedi cabs and the best will be chosen for your outing at the Central Park, New York. The tour would be the most comfortable and worth to experience as the guide would let you know more about the historic and beautiful tour places in the area.

Buddy the Elf Central Park snowball fight Bridge Elf movie

More About Tour Guides & Services

The services are carried to meet the criteria of satisfaction of each customer and the best is provided to all. The luggage carrying would not be a problem, most or can be said all of the historic information and the facts about the location set up for the tour at the Central Park will be given to make the experience more joyful and fascinating.
The Elf Central Park tours are carried along with the rickshaws controlled by our experts of course and the experience could be the most delightful with the ones you are with. If you are foreigner and aren’t good at English then there would not be a problem because the team which will accompany the tourists knows French, Italian, Spanish and German language.

1 Hour Tour

If you are short of time then there is no need to worry for you again because Elf Central Park Tours is known as the best to provide the one hour tour at the Central Park in the whole New York. The experts will tell you the detailed history and some amazing facts about each location which is being toured along with some humor and this is which makes it more thrilling and exciting as the tourists get more to enjoy rather than just visiting the places. There is much more to offer in this short time, the guides would also show you the famous locations where famous movies have been shot up at the Central Park, of course snowball fight from Elf and place where Santa and Buddy The Elf ran away from Central Park rangers.

2 Hour Tour

In the 2 hour tour, there is much more to experience for the tourists as they will be able to see and experience the locations past movie sets as well as the apartments where the celebrities had stayed and also the areas around Park which are under development. The amazing history about the Park would make the tourists more interested and dedicated to the park and the history will be shown like an open book.

3 Hour Tour

Central Park could be the best place to visit in New York because of the wonderful locations it covers within itself and also because of its historic importance and its value throughout the United States. In the 3 hour tour, that’s all you need because you will be able to see all of the wonders of the central park New York along with the history which would enclosed to you by guides by the addition of some humor which will make your tour more exciting and entertaining. Main areas which are said to be the wonders of Central Park are; Conservatory Garden, Burnett Fountain, Harlem Meer, Museum Mile and there are dozens of more amazing places in the Central Park in this 3 hour tour and where you would die to go then why wait for it? You can book Buddy The Elf Central Park Tours right now.
Buddy The Elf Central Park Tour

Buddy The Elf Central Park Tour