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Central Park Tours en pedicab

Central Park Tours en pedicab

Visitar New York supone siempre tener una apretada agenda. La gran manzana tiene tanto que ofrecer que si se quiere aprovechar al máximo la estancia es necesario planificar con antelación cada jornada para no dejar de ver ninguno de los lugares imprescindibles. Entre éstos, sin duda se encuentra Central Park, un parque emblemático pero cuyas enormes dimensiones hacen difícil recorrerlo a pie. Por eso la mejor solución para conocer este lugar y no emplear demasiado tiempo en ello son los Central Park Tours.

El visitante que quiere realizar uno de estos Central Park Tours tiene diversas opciones a su disposición, pero entre las más cómodas y divertidas se encuentran los Central Park Tours en pedicab.

Central Park Tours en pedicab

El pedicab es un curioso medio de transporte en el que un conductor pedalea sobre una bicicleta que lleva acoplada en su parte trasera un dispositivo sobre dos ruedas que permite viajar sentados a varios pasajeros uno junto a otro. Esta especie de triciclo adaptado es ideal para pasear cómodamente disfrutando del paisaje, y en el caso de los Central Park Tours, su conductor es el guía que va explicando a los pasajeros las diferentes particularidades y aspectos interesantes de cada lugar por el que pasan en cada momento.

central park tours

Para quien está de paso por Nueva York y no dispone de mucho tiempo para conocer lo más destacado de la ciudad, visitar Central Park a pie es poco práctico., ya que por su extensión necesitará un buen número de horas. Los Central Park tours en pedicab permiten recorrer los principales puntos del parque ahorrando tiempo. Un tiempo que puede emplearse en realizar otras visitas a lugares relevantes, como puede ser la Estatua de la libertad o el Empire State Building.

Central Park Tours en pedicab

El parque más famoso de Estados Unidos – y probablemente de todo el mundo- ofrece tres diferentes posibilidades a los visitantes que quieran realizar un tour en Pedicab. En función de la disponibilidad de tiempo y de en qué grado de profundidad se quiera conocer, hay tres clases de Central Park Tours en pedicab.

central park pedicab tours

Central Park Tour de 1 hora– Especialmente indicado para aquellos que van muy justos de tiempo pero no quieren irse de New York sin conocer Central Park. Es la opción más breve y también la más económica, pero resulta más que suficiente para conocer algunos de los principales puntos de interés.

En este tour se tiene ocasión de ver The Dakota, el apartamento en que convivían John Lennon y Yoko Ono, o The Strawberry, el monumento conmemorativo dedicado al genial líder de Los Beatles. También se visitan, entre otros lugares destacados, fuentes como Bethesada Foutain o Cherry Hill.

Central Park Tour de 2 horas– Este tour ofrece una visión mucho más completa y relajada de Central Park, que incluye todo lo que se puede ver en el tour de 1 hora más un recorrido ampliado en el que se pasea por el famoso obelisco y por Belvedere Castle, entre otros puntos.

El tour de 2 horas es el ideal para el viajero que quiere conocer más en profundidad la historia y anécdotas de los innumerables lugares históricos de Central Park.

Central Park Tours en pedicab

Central Park Tour de 3 horas– Central Park contiene tal cantidad de atracciones y puntos de interés que si el tiempo no es un problema merece que se le dedique un tour que lo recorra por completo. El tour de 3 horas lleva al visitante por la totalidad del parque, recorriendo todos y cada uno de los lugares que merece la pena ver al tiempo que un guía les explica de forma amena y divertida, toda aquella información relevante y/o curiosa al respecto de cada punto del recorrido. Esta última modalidad incluye lo que se conoce como “La milla de los museos”, ya que el conductor, una vez finalizado el recorrido por el parque, se dirigirá a esta zona en la que se encuentran algunos de los más importantes de la ciudad, como el Museo Metropolitano de Nueva York o el Guggenheim.

Una visita a Nueva York no está completa sin conocer los innumerables atractivos que ofrece Central Park, y cualquiera de los Central Park Tours en pedicab disponibles son una forma cómoda y divertida de hacerlo. Pasear relajadamente en uno pedicab escuchando la animada charla de cualquiera de los guías convertirá la experiencia de Central park en un recuerdo que dure toda la vida.

central park tours on pedicab

Además, a diferencia de muchas otras atracciones turísticas en las que el viajero ha de rascarse el bolsillo, los Central Park tours en pedicab tienen un precio asequible al alcance de cualquiera.

Seguro que, en el camino de regreso a casa, esta visita a uno de los más bellos parques del mundo figura entre los momentos más especiales de tu estancia en Nueva York.

Central Park Tuk Tuk Tours

Central Park Tuk Tuk Tours 

Central Park is often referred to as the “Lungs” of the city of New York. Here are several reasons why: such a vast expanse of beautiful greenery is not only refreshing for the mind but healthy for the lungs of anyone who spends his time there. Central Park is unlike the common urban parks. It covers an area as large as 843 acres encompassing the area of 59th street to the 110th street of New York City. Exploring Central Park is one of the top list activities of tourists. From the hummingbirds to the mesmerizing fragrance of flowers every corner of Central Park is accompanied by surprises. Central park is filled with the colors of nature. Such a massive ground is both intimidating and welcoming. To move about Central Park completely one needs eight hours, and that too on a ride.

central park tuk tuk tours


Amidst such a beauty of a nature, it would be unwise to be on a car, depriving your head the luxury of fresh air. Visiting Central Park should be all about the freshness of air and the beauty it offers to your eye. To help you enjoy Central Park with both an open air facility and a ride, there are traditional and historical means of riding available within the park. Central Park Tuk Tuk tours are the most famous rides in Central Park, preferred by almost every tourist. For couples and children both rides is a delight in itself. Rolling along the shady paths, passing by the artistic monuments, sculptures, fruit fields, floral gardens, malls and striking walkways on Central Park Tuk Tuk Tours are one of a kind experience.

NYC Tuk Tuk industry started to earn its fame in the year 2005.

central park tuk tuk tours new york city

The Tuk-Tuks designed today are well engineered. They are registered and check for safety before allowed for give a public service.


The best thing about Central Park Tuk Tuk Tours is slow ride which allows you to enjoy each and every view coming your view. You will find on your way artistry, beautiful sceneries, floral gardens decorated with different landscape architecture. You will see birds you have never seen before. For those who want to sit and relax will find small food stalls on their way.

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw tours are one of the greatest ways to experience one New York City’s most inspiring combinations of architecture, landscape design and urban planning in the world.Throughout most of the year, we give people the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful sights of Central Park, without the worries of having to tire themselves out whilst following a fast paced tour guide around.

While many people do not even realize these incredible adventures are going on, many people do tend to notice the increasing amount of pedicabs floating around near the park. These are not simply tourists roaming around, but instead professionally guided tours that highlight the grandiose of Central Park.

Not only will this magical tour take you across the park in a relaxing and carefree fashion, it will allow you to see exclusive sights that only those traveling by bicycle can see!

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours NYC

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours: General Info

Tours typically last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how much of the park you and your family and friends would like to see.  Flexibility is key here, and we want to accommodate your busy schedule and your preferences on how much of Central Park you would like to take in.

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours typically run the whole day, although we recommend coming a bit earlier as you will get to see all of the glimmering sights in their best light. The tour will be guided and driven by a professional tour guide with extensive knowledge about the ins and outs and everything between regarding Central Park and all of its beauty.

Our drivers will point out the important key features of each of Central Park’s famous landmarks, as well as any interesting fun facts to go along with the history lesson. They will also give you a sense of time travel as they bring you through history dating back from the park’s origin in 1858. The drivers not only have the street smarts, but are also great entertainers and are sure not to disappoint.

You can be assured that you will walk away from the tour feeling not only relaxed and satisfied, but educated about the rich history behind Central Park’s claim to fame.

The Pedicab

Pedicabs, technically known as cycle rickshaws, are fantastic option when it comes to enjoying tours. Ever since the late 1800s, pedicabs have been used to tout the wealthy and famous around the city to see the sights and enjoy the outside weather, free from worry regarding driving themselves.

However, for a long period time they became lost in the mix of new automobiles and electric motorcycles and scooters. While hard to find today, pedicabs managed to stay relevant as they are the perfect type of vehicle to look out into the open surrounding world while still be shaded from the sun.

You can experience this too with our tours. Pedicabs typically seat anywhere from one to three, not including the driver, making it the perfect fit for either you or your family. Shaded from the sun, you will be able to clearly see the sights and hear the sounds of the park with ease, with your tour guide adding helpful tidbits of information along the way.

Contrary to common belief, pedicabs are also very safe, have low rollover rates, and are always driven by our experienced professional cyclers.

What You Will See

On a pedicab tour of Central Park, you will truly see all that the marvelous location has to offer. While we can’t show you absolutely everything inside the park, we will do everything we can to give you the best overview of what it has to offer, highlighting key features along the way.

There are many sightseeing: picturesque Belvedere Castle, ice skating rinks, pools, historical landmark Cleopatra’s Needle (the United States’ oldest monument), Blockhouse war fort that has been standing since 1812, musical performing stage, Strawberry Fields that includes five gorgeous acres of land including the mosaic “Imagine,” to the death of Beatle’s lead singer John Lennon.

Of course with the park being a very public place with full of interesting people, you will also be sure to see many performing street artists and musicians entertaining the crowds throughout the park.

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours

Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours vs. Central Park Walking Tours

Many people wonder if the pedicab tours are the way to go, as the walking tours tend to be more inexpensive and seem to be more popular among tourists visiting Central Park. While both statements are indeed true, we can assure you that the experience you will get from a pedicab tour in Central Park is in a way, priceless!

And certainly worth it; nearly every tourist who has taken one of the tours has walked away not only enlightened about the rich history of the park, but also satisfied with the fact that they could relax, be worry free, and simply listen and take in the sights and sounds that Central Park has to offer.

With a walking tour, the sightseeing itself happens much more slowly since you cannot cover as much distance in a short period of time. When tour guides recognize this, they often times will try to compensate by speeding up their pace quite a bit, making you as a tourist very tired and feeling rushed. Many come off of a walking tour exhausted and not truly educated as much as they had wished.

On the other hand, Central Park pedicab rickshaw tours are exertion free, are shaded from the hot sun, and can be ultimately be incredibly relaxing. For this reason, it becomes quite clear that the pedicab tours for Central Park are the way to go.


What Are You Waiting For?

All things considered, it is truly amazing what pedicab tours of Central Park can do for people coming to visit the beautiful location. They are flexible, safe, relaxing, and most of all the best way to receive the valuable information that is offered in a tour of the park.

So the only question is, what are you waiting for? Book online Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours.

Easiest Way to Explore Central Park Pedicabs Tours

If a person is looking for an easy way to explore Central Park, they should consider going on a Central Park Pedicabs Tours. There are many different tour options like pedicabs. In order to locate all of the companies that offer these tours a person could simply search for Central Park pedicabs tour which will produce a list of all the companies that offer pedicab tours in and around Central Park. Once the individual has gathered the names of all the organizations that are offering these tours it is time to start screening each of them. Start by finding out whether the company actually manages the tour or are they a reseller. While there is nothing inherently wrong with resellers, it would be smart to deal directly with the tour operator so the tour is not “double booked” which can lead to frustrations. After the consumer has identified all of the firms that actually host these Central Park pedicabs tours the next step is to figure out which one is the most popular.

central park pedicabs tours

Identifying the Most Popular Central Park Pedicabs Tours

The best way to gather that information is to read all of the reviews left on the Internet by people who have participated in these tours. While reading over the feedback that was posted, that should provide some indication on, which of these tour providers has the most positive reviews. Now that the consumer knows which of these tour companies is the most popular the consumer will need to price out these services. Start by picking a duration for the tour, these tours usually range from 1-3 hours so it would be smart to consider those when comparing quotes.

Saving Money on Central Park Pedicabs Tours

One of the best ways to save money on Central Park pedicabs tours is to try to book the tour a few weeks in advance. The majority of tour operators will provide a discount to secure bookings in advance but if that does not work simply call into the tour operator and ask for a better price. Simple things like this can help an individual make the most of the various Central Park pedicabs tours.

Individuals who follow all of these suggestions will have no problems finding the best Central Park pedicabs tours and saving money in the process. The only challenge is finding the time to do the research so now would be a great time since the consumer knows precisely what to look for.

New York City Has Many Central Park Pedicab Tours Options

IMG_0338Taking a pedicab tour through New York City Central Park is a great way to get a sense of the area and enjoy nature and all the other options available to you via NYC Central Park Pedicab Tours. However, there are different tours available, differing in the amount of hours it takes to finish the tour and what you see while on the tour. Most NYC Central Park Pedicab Tours have one, two and three-hour tours available so that you can spend as little or as much time as you want sightseeing.

One Hour

With a one-hour NYC Central Park Pedicab Tours, you get to see the main attractions of Central Park in New York City and hear about the Park’s history. You’ll likely see places where movies were made, celebrity apartments and possibly even some famous jokes. Highlights of the one-hour tour include Strawberry Fields, the Dakota apartment building, Bethesda Fountain and Cherry Hill.

Two Hours

With a two-hour tour, you will get to see all the same highlights as the one-hour option, along with the Reservoir, Obelisk, Turtle Pond, Great Lawn, Swedish Cottage, Greyshot Arch, Delacorte Theater, Gapstow Bridge, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Highlights in these New York City tours include the Belvedere Castle, designed in 1865, the obelisks that were made to sit on the banks of the Nile and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

Because each of the places is spaced far apart, it will take about two hours to complete the tour by pedicab. However, it is a great way to use up a couple of hours, especially if you have nothing else planned.

Three Hours

Three-hour guided tours in NYC Central Park Pedicab Tours will allow you to sightsee throughout the park, over six miles or 843 acres of land. You will get to see everything from the one and two-hour tours, along with Museum Mile, Blockhouse, Harlem Meer, Discovery Center, Conservatory Garden, Tennis Center, North Meadow, Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum, among others.

You will get to sit in a rickshaw and be carried around to all the great attractions. You are allowed to stop at any attraction you want to get more information or to have pictures taken. Your professional guide will keep you on track time-wise, so you can sit back and enjoy. Your guide will likely tell you interesting facts about different areas of the park.

Tips for Choosing a Central Park Pedicab Tour NYC

Most people worry about selecting a Central Park Pedicab Tour NYC because there are so many unknowns. You may wonder if the driver is safe and professional, the rickshaws are safe, if you’ll have fun, if your family will be safe and much more. However, it is usually easy to find out most of the answers, especially if you select a professional pedicab tour company.

Pedicab Drivers

The drivers of the pedicab should look professional and athletic. While it’s not nice to judge someone, bicycling for one to three hours can take its toll on someone who isn’t in shape. The drivers will likely be wearing shorts and tee-shirts, because of their job. They will likely wear something that distinguishes them as with the particular company, such as a badge or a special work shirt. As long as they look professional, polite and nice, you shouldn’t have a problem.


A pedicab or rickshaw is where you will be sitting during the tour. It is important to inspect the pedicab before arriving and asking questions before booking the tour in Central Park. Some rickshaws have a sunshade overhead, making it a little cooler on your trip. If you prefer this, make sure to mention that when booking the Central Park Pedicab tour NYC. Otherwise, remember sunscreen and a hat.

Having Fun on Central Park Pedicab Tour NYC

Most people wonder if they’ll have fun on a Central Park pedicab tour NYC. While it can be different for everyone, most people enjoy sitting and relaxing. Make sure you bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and maybe a personal fan to keep from overheating and know that you will be sitting behind someone riding a bicycle.

Don’t Expect Fast

You are on a pedicab tour through Central Park, one of the biggest parks imaginable. It is important to realize that it will take at least one hour to get through the Park and the various destination spots. If you are in a hurry, reschedule the tour for a day where you can relax and have plenty of time. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your tour.


Some younger people may feel embarrassed to be sitting in a pedicab on a tour through Central Park. However, many people of all ages enjoy their ride so you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Remember that you are in New York City and there are many different and strange phenomenon happening all over the city. Don’t worry about being too heavy or looking like a “sissy” for riding along in a pedicab.

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