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Top 10 Central Park Sightseeing Locations

Top 10 Central Park Sightseeing Locations

Central Park is one of the Big Apple’s biggest attractions. Its unspoiled beauty makes it a great place to get away from hustle and bustle of the city and it’s loaded with exciting “hot spots” which are very popular with tourists and residents alike!

If you want to make the most of your time in New York City, we definitely recommend spending time in Central Park. It’s a wonderful place to people-watch and it’s also full of interesting and historical things to see and do.

Central Park is unique, as it offers so many attractions which take visitors on a trip back through time. As well, it offers plenty of soothing green space, which allows visitors to relax and forget about the cares of the day. It’s also a great place to get exercise if you want to. This park is famous for good reason. It’s like an oasis in the middle of a hectic and vibrant metropolis. Since there is so much territory to explore, it’s helpful to have a plan before you venture into the park. This is why we want to discuss the top ten Central Park sightseeing locations.

Visit one, a few or all of them in order to learn more about the park’s history and New York City’s history. Once you’ve discovered these attractions, they may become places that you love to visit whenever you’re in New York. Before you drop by, be sure to put on comfortable shoes and bring your camera, as well as a bottle of water.

10. Central Park Sightseeing is Alice in Wonderland

This Central Park landmark is situated near the Conservatory Water, along E. 74th. The statue rises to a height of eleven feet and it is cast in bronze. Alice is accompanied by the Mad Hatter, as well as a few other buddies.  This sculpture was created by an artist named Jose de Creeft back in the late 1950s. It’s a statue that kids are encouraged to play on, so you may find some little ones touching it and crawling on it when you visit. In fact, certain sections of the statue have been rubbed smooth by the hands and feet of kids! You may want to touch it yourself, as it’s just so charming and so well-made. It’s really one of the premier examples of sculpture in the Park, although there are plenty more!

9.  Central Park Sightseeing is The Ramble

Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and part of his handiwork is The Ramble. This is a wild garden which stretches a staggering thirty-six acres. The Ramble was designed to provide visitors with access to tranquility. It’s a great place to wander and collect your thoughts, surrounded by all of the glory of nature. This part of the park was built early on. It is completely man-made, except for its bedrock platform area. If you love to walk and look at plants and flowers, you’ll find that The Ramble offers you a perfect place to stroll and drink in beauty out of doors.

8.  Central Park Sightseeing is Strawberry Fields

This section of the park is dedicated to the memory of Beatles’ singer, John Lennon. Lennon believed in peace and love and this serene part of Central Park is designed to be a beautiful homage to his legacy and values. Names for one of his most famous compositions, Strawberry Fields Forever, which was penned in the mid-1960s, Strawberry Fields opened in 1985 and its signature mosaic was the work of Italian artisans. It was a present from the Italian city of Naples. Strawberry Fields is so soothing and its meaning is very powerful. This landmark attracts tons of Beatles fans every year.

7.  Central Park Sightseeing is Bow Bridge

This gorgeous bridge is crafted from cast iron and it’s the first bridge to be erected within Central Park. It’s actually the second-oldest bridge in America. Constructed between 1859 and 1862, it connects The Ramble’s wild garden territory with Cherry Hill. The bridge lies low and has a unique silhouette and a delicate appearance. It’s really a romantic place and people love to photograph it and to be photographed while they are on it (or in front of it). It’s ornate enough to be really special and it’s unique enough to be unforgettable!

6.  Central Park Sightseeing is Waterfall and Arch

Central Park has its fair share of waterfalls, many of which are situated in its Ravine. To find the waterfalls, enter the park via Glen Span Arch, which is located near 102nd Street. At this point, just wander along where the moving water is. This moving water is known as “the Loch”. While the waterfalls are man-made, they look so real and they are very scenic and soothing. The Waterfall and Arch are great places to chill out and enjoy the soothing rush of water. They are also great places to take some stunning pictures!

5. Central Park Sightseeing is Reservoir

This Reservoir’s full name is the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. However, the reservoir was re-named in the late First Lady’s honour in 1994, so the name change is relatively new. Jackie used to run along this part of the park, as did former American President, Bill Clinton. The reservoir features a water quantity of over one billion gallons and it is close to 86th Street. It’s definitely a popular place for joggers and it’s also a great place to look for birds. Jackie O fans definitely seek out this part of the park, for its historical value alone. However, it’s also popular with bird-watchers, who spot loons and other birds while they are there.

4. Central Park Sightseeing is Obelisk

This historical artifact may also be called, “Cleopatra’s Needle” and it is ancient indeed! In fact, it was created in ancient Egypt way back in 1450 BC, in order to honour the third jubilee of a Pharaoh named Thutmosis III. Getting the obelisk to the Big Apple was no easy feat and it took several months just to get it from the Hudson River to the Park! The shaft of this structure rises seventy-one feet in height and the shaft alone weighs in at two hundred tons! Stunning and dramatic, this obelisk is well worth a look.

3. Central Park Sightseeing is Belvedere Castle

This castle is beautiful and it’s a wonderful place to enjoy exhibits with a distinct historical flavour! The castle features an array of exhibits, as well as a deck for observation. The castle is also the location of the park’s own weather station. You’ll find this picturesque castle on 79th Street. Its name means “beautiful view” in Italian and a beautiful view will definitely be yours to enjoy when you drop by. From its terraces, you may check out some stunning vistas and enjoy great views of Turtle Pond, the Delacorte Theatre and a range of other attractions.

2. Central Park Sightseeing is Conservatory Garden

This lovely garden is formal and style and it covers six acres of space. Within the garden, you’ll find a trio of small gardens, each of which has its own style. One garden is English, while another is French and the third is Italian. The main entrance to the Conservatory Garden is situated along Fifth Avenue, around 104 and 105 streets. The entrance features a stunning gate which is crafted from iron, which was constructed in Paris and used to guard the front of a famous 5th Avenue mansion known as the Vanderbilt Mansion. The Vanderbilts were very wealthy and part of the city’s social elite – TV reporter, Anderson Cooper, is a part of the Vanderbilt clan.

1. Central Park Sightseeing is Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

This famous Central Park terrace features a couple of levels which are connected by a pair of stunning staircases. There is also a third staircase beneath Terrace Drive, which takes pedestrians closer to the band shell, as well as The Mall. The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain provide optimal spots for checking out the scenic Lake. This Central Park landmark is crafted from a trio of stone types, which are Roman brick, New Brunswick sandstone and granite.

Central Park is Not-to-be-Missed

As you can see, Central Park is a wonderful place to spend time. There are few parks worldwide which offer the same blend of features and attractions. Since it’s possible to see so much in the park, from old-school mansions to ornate terraces to waterfalls and ancient Egyptian artifacts, as well as a lovely Alice in Wonderland sculpture, no trip to the Big Apple is complete without a jaunt in Central Park!

The history of New York City comes alive in this gorgeous place. Some people explore the vast park on foot, while others sign on for Central Park pedicab rides which allow them to see the highlights without tiring out their legs. Others explore the area while jogging or cycling. However you choose to explore, you’ll find that you never forget Central Park.

Hopefully, our guide to the top ten central park sightseeing locations will help you to create the perfect itinerary. There are other attractions in the park. However, our ten picks are probably the most popular and worthwhile. Now that you know more, why not plan a trip to Central Park today?

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Easiest Way to Book a Central Park Tour NYC

If an individual is in New York City, they should consider going on Central Park Tour NYC, which is one of the best-known parks in the world. Many businesses offer these tours but the individual have to locate them by searching for Central Park tours New York the individual should have the names of all the companies that provide these tours. After identifying all of the companies that provide tours of Central Park the focus needs to shift on finding out which of these firms have a good reputation and which should be avoided. The reason the individual needs to perform this due diligence is some of the organizations out there do not provide a good experience and the only way to reduce the risk of experiencing this is to look for feedback left by former clients. A simple way to assess the suitability of these tour operators is by reading the feedback left on social networking websites. When the individual has finished reading over these testimonials, they should have a revised list that should include only the best Central Park tour nyc operators in all of New York City.

How to Get a Better Priced Central Park Tour NYC

In order to get a better-priced Central Park tour nyc the consumer needs to shop around on the Internet and look for promotional offers. If they are not able to find these promotional offers, they could call the tour operator directly and ask them for a better price. The majority of these tour companies will offer a discount to get the business but not all of them so this approach is not guaranteed but it does not hurt to ask. When the lowest cost Central Park tour operator has been identified, it is time to book the tour.

Do not forget to pack an Umbrella

If planning the tour of Central Park in advance is sure to pack an umbrella. The weather can change fast and no one wants to be wet while on the tour. By packing the umbrella, the individual is less likely to be caught in the rain.

If a person has implemented all of these suggestions then they should be able to get the most competitive terms possible while touring Central Park. Now would be a great time to start the due diligence process so be sure to follow this process and there should be no complications.

The Beauty of Taking a Guided Tour of Central Park

There is a reason why so many people say, “No visit to New York City is complete without taking a tour of Central Park”. Spread over 843 acres of rolling terrain, beautiful lakes, and majestic trees, Central Park is full of attractions that have mesmerized visitors for years. While it is a relaxing and safe place in the midst of a huge city, it can be hard to navigate on your own. This is why it is so much easier and informative to take a tour of Central Park in New York with a professionally trained guide.

Advantages of Taking a Guided Tour of Central Park

Without any doubt, Central Park is an easy place to get lost and let’s face it; sometimes maps are not all that easy to understand in a new place. With a tour guide, getting lost is simply not an option. From Belvedere Castle to Strawberry Fields, a truly moving memorial for songwriter, singer, and peace activist, John Lennon, an experienced tour guide can get you there without any problems.

It is essentially impossible to visit everything Central Park has to offer. (There are plenty of native New Yorkers who haven’t explored the entire place and they have lived here for years.) That is why it so important to have someone who knows exactly where the top attractions are located, popular locations visitors want to see. Instead of spending an entire day or two of your stay in NYC trudging around Central Park looking for Sheep Meadow or Delacorte Theater, a tour guide can easily take you there. Not only is a professional tour guide able to show you the way to Alice in Wonderland, Conservatory Garden, and much more, but they know the history behind these amazing places and are more than happy to share.

tour-of-central-parkPerhaps one of the best reasons of all to take a tour of Central Park in New York is for the sheer convenience. Why walk all over the park when you can take a guided Pedicab tour? It is definitely a much more enjoyable experience when you are able to sit back, relax, and get a good look at your surroundings.

Whether you are planning to visit New York City in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, Central Park is always a spectacular place worth visiting, but do yourself a huge favor and take advantage of the guided tours we have available. You will definitely be glad you did a tour of Central Park.