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Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

1) Season 1 Episode 1Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald had conversation about some problems and happiness. Location: 62nd Street and Central Drive 

2) Same episode: Nate and his farther ran by Bandshell. Location: 70th Street and The Mall

3) Season 1 Episode 3: Blair and Serena met at Bethesda Terrace and Blair read letter that she did not sent it to S. while she was away at boarding school. Location @ Terrace Drive and Bethesda Terrace 

4) Season 1 Episode 4: Blair and Serena met at Pulitzer Fountain and took a lot of photos.  Location @ 59th Street and 5th Avenue

5) Season 1 Episode 11: Blair and her farther and French guest ice skating.  Location @ Wollman rink

6) Season 1 Episode 15: When Georgina Sparks or to be exact Sarah got acquainted with Dan Humphrey.  Location @ 106 Street and 5th Avenue by Harlem Meer 

7) Season 1 Episode 18: Another running shot of Nate and his father. This time by reservoir. Location @ 90th Street & 5th Avenue

8) Season 1 Episode 18: Georgina met her parents and sent to boot camp.  Location is the same as above, only downstairs.


Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

9) Season 2 Episode 3: Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen met their little fans.  Location is in the middle of The Mall 

10) Season 2 Episode 7:  Dan and Nate walked in Central Park after playing soccer.  Location @ 74th Street & 5th Avenue (Conservatory Water) 

11) Season 2 Episode 13:  Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen walked in Central Park.  Location under Greyshot Arch near Columbus Circle.

12) Season 2 Episode 17:  Blair was sentence for community service in Central Park for slander that MS Carr and Dan Humphrey had relationship.  Location: The Pond (Southeastern entrance to Central Park, 60th Street, right in front of The Plaza Hotel)

Same Episode: Serena van der Woodsen meet with MS Car before parents’ meeting. Also same location as above, only Gapstow Bridge on the background.

13) Season 2 Episode 20: Dorota and Blair went to feed ducks and “occasionally” met Nate.  Location @ Gapstow Bridge, Southeastern entrance to Central Park, 60th Street.


Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

14) Season 3 Episode 3: Serena and Blair walk and talk about Chuck and Carter as well as Sotheby’s auction.  Location @ Central Park West

15) Season 3 Episode 10: B and C walking in CP. Blair talking about her script for play and Chuck that he need to meet diplomat’s son.  Location @ Trefoil Arch, East Drive between The Conservatory Water and Boathouse (74th Street)

16) Season 3 Episode 10: Queen and diplomat’s son (Damien) rent remote controlled sailboat.  And turns out he’s a diplomatic drug smuggler. Location @ Conservatory Waters (74th Street & 5th Ave)

Serena went to Nate to decompress after had some affairs with Tripp. Same location as above, only in other side.


Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

17) Season 4 Episode 4: Dan asked Serena for a walk in the park after being depressed that Milo is not his son . Location @ Southeastern edge of Conservatory Waters (74th Street & 5th Ave)

18) Season 4 Episode 9: Dan waited for Serena, but actually it is Little J who used Serena’s sim card to sent both text messages to Dan and Nate.    Location @ Richard Morris Hunt Memorial (5th Avenue & 70th Street)

19) Season 4 Episode 14: Damien told Eric that Ben jumped on him and that he is dangerous. Location @ Richard Morris Hunt Memorial (5th Avenue & 70th Street)

20) Season 4 Episode 16: Nate and Raina ice skating. Location @ Wollman Rink (63rd Street between 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue)


21) Season 5 Episode 2: Blair and Beatrice hang out before a feast. Location @ Museum of Natural History (77 Street & Central Park West)

22) Season 5 Episode 6: Dorota and Blair went to feed ducks and met Chuck. Location @ Near The Pond (Southeastern entrance to Central Park, 60th Street)

23) Season 5 Episode 8: Chuck was offended by mean girls and unleashed his dog Monkey on them. Location @ Conservatory Water (73rd Street & 5th Avenue)


24) Season 6 Episode 2: Dan and Georgina discussing of choosing a publisher for “Inside” sequel . Location @ 62nd Street & 5th Avenue

25) Season 6 Episode 6: Dan and Serena escaped on a Vespa from TMZ paparazzi. Location @ The Bethesda Fountain (72nd Street)

26) Season 6 Episode 7: Lily asked Rufus of help to get the microfilm from Ivy. Location above Trefoil Arch (East Drive & 74 Street)

27) Season 6 Episode 7: Queen Bee asked Sage to gather Queens of the five most powerful private schools in Manhattan: Nightingale, Brearley, Chapin, Spence, Constance. Location @ Conservatory Waters (74th Street & 5th Ave)

28) Season 6 Episode 8: Georgina asking Dan for Serena’s chapter. Location @ 69th Street & 5th Avenue.

29) Season 6 Episode 10: You might wondering where Blair and Chuck get married? It is in The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. Location @ in the middle of Terrace Dr (72nd Street)

Spotted in Central Park Gossip Girl Locations

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