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Consider New York Pedicab Rides for Every Purpose

New York pedicab rides are a pragmatic alternative to bus and train. They are better than carriage and obviously more affordable than taxi. New York pedicab rides are a convenient way to explore the city. Pedicabs are smaller than carriages and taxis. They can meander through the streets, easily navigate narrow lanes and you can go practically anywhere you want. NYC Pedicabs are also slower than cabs and buses so you would have a much more satiating experience gazing at the various visual wonders of the city. You may choose New York pedicab rides for the convenience of slipping through the streets when there is heavy traffic or for the sheer visual spectacle, for the money you would save or just because you want the thrill of a distinct experience. 

new york pedicab rides

While New York pedicab rides offer an immersive experience among all available modes of public transportation, they can be expensive unless you are aware of the applicable laws. For a long time, New York pedicab rides were not regulated and many owners, operators and drivers took advantage of the fact to exploit tourists. There were many that would charge a hefty fee for an otherwise simple tour. This is no longer the case as all operators of New York pedicab rides are required by law to display their rate on a card and they are also mandated to quote a charge per minute. There cannot be any additional cost for passengers. New York pedicab rides are usually pegged between three to five dollars per minute. Package tours or special arrangements may be costlier but the fees should be transparent. Passengers do not have to worry about being served an unpleasant surprise at the end of the trip. However, you should emphasize that you are aware of this law when you reserve New York pedicab rides so no errant driver or operator can take you for a ride. 

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New York pedicab rides can take you to local bars, pubs and restaurants. You can go to any event or attraction anywhere in the city. You can simply enjoy New York pedicab rides and tour the city. You can plan specific sightseeing tours. You can choose New York pedicab rides to go to a party, to hop from one museum to another or to simply get around places. You are likely to find a friendly driver who may know a fair bit about the various places you would visit and explore. Some drivers are of course more knowledgeable than others and you may be able to get a quick guided tour en route. 

midtown pedicab ride tour

New York pedicab rides can be a swifter option in some cases. You would not have to wait for a taxicab. Taking a train may need you to walk a few blocks. Buses do not ply to every nook and corner of the city. New York rickshaw rides can pick you up from anywhere and take you to any destination you choose. You can also reserve a Midtown pedicab ride provided by Peter Pen Tours for flat rate $50 per pedicab (3 people max). To reserve pedicab please click here. Indicate: when, from where to where and how many people you are?