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Do You Want to Rent a Central Park Segway?


If you want to rent a Central Park Segway and go for a cruise, you should know that this just isn’t possible. You can’t legally ride a Segway in Central Park, so there are no companies which offer them for rental for this purpose. Basically, the companies can’t rent them to people for usage in the park without breaking the law, so they don’t bother offering them.

Although this news is disappointing, it’s certainly not the end of the world.  There is another way to see New York City’s glittering jewel, Central Park, without needing to walk or pedal a bike.

Today, we’d like to let you know the most interesting and fun alternative!

Go for a Pedicab Tour

Central Park pedicab tours will allow you to sit in the comfortable backseat of a rickshaw-style vehicle which is pedaled by a Central Park guide who brings tons of experience and positive energy to his or her duties. Go alone or with someone else. Most pedicabs which operate in the park hold two or three people in back.

Your driver will point out so many park highlights as the tour unfolds. You’ll be able to take pictures, relax and generally soak in the ambiance of this gorgeous park, which was fashioned after the greatest green spaces in Europe, including the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France.

As you sit in the back and chill out, your guide will give you some fascinating information about the history and legacy of the park. You may see Strawberry Fields Forever, which is a tribute to the late Beatle and solo rock musician, John Lennon. You may also see the Reservoir, which former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to jog around daily in order to keep fit.

From Bethesda Fountain to the Boathouse and beyond, your pedicab tour will allow you to immerse yourself in the diverting sights and sounds of the park. You’ll also be able to enjoy some exciting people-watching.

These tours operate in all four seasons and the best pedicab tour operators definitely provide their customers with fun and memorable experiences. To compare companies and tours, check out Facebook. Go for a five star-rated company which is beloved by tourists and townies alike. Then, book your preferred tour and prepare to see Central Park, without needing to tire out your legs and feet.

It’s better than a Segway and booking a tour is just so easy!